#014 – 15 Key Things to Consider for Peak Season Planning

In this episode of the Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast Jeremy welcomes back co-host Paul to discuss the 15 key things to consider for your online business for peak season. For Jeremy and Paul peak season is Q4 from Cyber Week to Christmas and the season is expanding.

#013 – Interview with Neville Wright: Discover How a Customer-Centric Business Model Can Make You £100 Million (Part 2)

Just how exactly did Neville Wright manage to build his business up from nothing to employing over 120 people and turning over around £40million per year? Find out in Part 2 of the interview!

#012 – Interview with Neville Wright: Discover How a Customer-Centric Business Model Can Make You £100 Million (Part 1)

An interview with businessman Neville Wright. Neville sold Kiddicare business to Morrison’s in 2011 after building it up to be the largest independent nursery business in Europe!

#011 – Coffee Shop Chat: with “eCommerce Rockstar and Visionary”, Chloë Thomas

Trying to work out how to acquire more customers? Need to improve customer retention? Or just looking for some reassurance you’re on the right track? The interview with Chloë Thomas, Founder & Host of the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast touches on how to help eCommerce business owners that are struggling to generate traffic, generate customers and getting repeat customers.

#010 – Quick Tip: How to improve your customer returns process with this simple and free process

Product returns obviously, is that part of the customer’s experience. Jeremy brings to online retailers, a quick tip and a great way in using the Royal Mail Tracked Returns, which will improve the return process and make the return process easier and more convenient for the customers.

#009 GDPR Special interview with Andrew Wisedale, a GDPR Practitioner

Andrew Wisedale gives an expert overview on the General Data Protection Regulation detailing what is coming, its implications for businesses …

#008 – Interview with Co-Founders of Lusty Chic, the trend-setting and reputable, one-stop online women’s clothing boutique shop

Esther and Julius Malik, Co-Founders of Lusty Chic shares how they got started in the business of women’s street style fashion with a shop in the London …

#007 – Delivery: The BIG Role in Enhancing Your Customer Service and Boost Your Ecommerce Business: Part 2

Jeremy Vernon continues to share in detail on the final part of the delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services,…

#006 – Delivery Plays A BIG Part in Your Ecommerce Business and for Your Customers, Part 1

Jeremy Vernon shares on the vital essential delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services.

#005 Stuart Semple & Culture Hustle

Critically acclaimed contemporary British artist and curator, Stuart Semple, joins the podcast on the first anniversary of releasing his innovative range of art materials.