Ecommerce Uncovered

#009 GDPR Special interview with Andrew Wisedale, a GDPR Practitioner

Andrew Wisedale gives an expert overview on the General Data Protection Regulation detailing what is coming, its implications for businesses …

#008 – Interview with Co-Founders of Lusty Chic, the trend-setting and reputable, one-stop online women’s clothing boutique shop

Esther and Julius Malik, Co-Founders of Lusty Chic shares how they got started in the business of women’s street style fashion with a shop in the London …

#007 – Delivery: The BIG Role in Enhancing Your Customer Service and Boost Your Ecommerce Business: Part 2

Jeremy Vernon continues to share in detail on the final part of the delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services,…

#006 – Delivery Plays A BIG Part in Your Ecommerce Business and for Your Customers, Part 1

Jeremy Vernon shares on the vital essential delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services.

#005 Stuart Semple & Culture Hustle

Critically acclaimed contemporary British artist and curator, Stuart Semple, joins the podcast on the first anniversary of releasing his innovative range of art materials.

#004 Our visit to the Mega Ecommerce M&S warehouse

Discover how Marks & Spencer are working towards achieving 30% of sales through E-Commerce by 2020.

#003 Helena Hills from TRUESTART Coffee

Paul and Jeremy head down to Bristol to interview Helen Hills, co-founder of TrueStart Coffee, a young business disrupting both the coffee and the sports nutrition industry.

#002 SO Technology with Steven Oddy

Paul and Jeremy are joined by Steven Oddy, Founder and CEO of Sotechnology, an award-winning Design and Technology company.

#001 10 common basic mistakes we see from online retailers

Wonderful tips from Jeremy Vernon and Paul Burns to avoid pitfalls when starting an online retail business or integrating with other online retail businesses.